Sunday, January 27, 2008

Roof Dogs

In case anyone wanted to know what roof dogs is. This has been one of my favorite posts in a blog (a living hominid)


Cara said...

I have seen those dogs.......I was dropping my daughter off at a friends house and almost drove into a mailbox looking up at them......they would seem terribly out of place anywhere else, like-say Westchase....but they seem pretty much at home here....a sight to behold, but not out of place.....

Hamter said...

Not so sure they were the original roof dogs, seems I recall Bob Hite of News Channel 8 fame had a couple of dogs that would hang out on the roof top of his Apollo Beach home.

I saw them one time while passing through there years ago although he has since sold the house and moved to another state since retiring.

He lived there with his wife for many years and everyone in the area knew of the famed "roof dogs" he owned at that house. Not to take anything away from the Seminole Hgts "roof dogs" of course, just stating that there was others in the Tampa Bay area.