Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Field of Flags

This past weekend our congregational church grounds were transformed into a field of American flags. The flags represent the Americans who have sacrificed their lives in Afganistan and Iraq. There is a flag for each of those who have died. The display came our church grounds from another United Church of Christ. It will be on our grounds for a month before moving to the grounds of another church. While displayed, additional flags will be added for any who die while the exhibit is on our grounds. The section nearest the sanctuary are those from Hillsborough County and Florida. Just inside, to the west of the parking lot is a blue board with the names of each individual. Nearly 5,000 flags cover the church grounds. This weekend members of the congregation will be reading the names of each soldier.

For more information please visit the church link that goes to a page about the Field of Flags. The church grounds are located on Fowler Avenue just west of the Hillsborough river.

First United Church of Tampa, UCC ·
7308 E. Fowler Ave. Tampa, FL 33617 ·

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