Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Lost Baby Cat in Seminole Heights

From an S.H. neighbor:

I have recently lost a wonderful and loving cat. He escaped through my screen window on Christmas Eve night. His name is Baby because that's just what he is to my family. He's very loving and sweet and vocal...he calls me EL.

I know that may sound funny, but if you've ever owned a vocal cat they call in their own sort of diction of cat language.

He was born in my home almost two years ago. He was a sweet little thing and even though males are territorial he never wanted to fight with the other males. He has a few battle scars around the back of his neck due to his resistence to fight with other males.

He would sit with me for hours rubbing his tummy and his chin. He is the most loving cat that I have ever owned in my life. When you lose a special animal I can't tell you of how you feel with frustration and hurt. They become part of the family and part of your life. I miss him terribly. It's so sad to think that Baby will not come back to his home.

I am trying every avenue that I can to help in my search to find him and bring him back home where he belongs. He is very special to me and I know those animal lovers out there will know exactly what that means. A part of my family is missing and I remain hopeful in my search that I someday soon will find him.

Baby is an un-neutered male cat, around 14 pounds, stripped and spotted, white mouth, alot of orange in his coat and was lost with a flea collar on his neck.

I hope that anyone that finds him will also find it in their heart to contact me at Thanks so much for your help!

Janice E. Bergin


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Jay McGee said...

Subject: Missing Cat Returns Home

Hello Everyone,

I'd like to thank you all for your efforts and concerns in the missing of my cat. He has returned home! He is thin, has no collar, but looks ok! I will take him to the Vet to have him looked at and make sure all is well. I can't tell you how grateful I am to all of you and how I appreciate all of your heart felt help in this matter. My heart is full! Thank you all again so much....words can not describe how wonderful you all are!

Sincere regards and best wishes to all of you....

Janice E. Bergin