Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Update on I-275 Walkway Closure

There was an article in Saturday's Tribune about the closure of the walkway under I-275 just south of the River. This is where the Troll of Seminole Heights lives.

"Within a few weeks, state highway officials will close a crosswalk that runs under Interstate 275 just south of Sulphur Springs Park.

That's welcome news to residents living along and near Hollywood Street. They have lobbied for months to close what they say is a dangerous, isolated path that links Hollywood and Hanlon Street."

Here is a comment from a blog reader about this article:
"I'd like to get some conversation going on about the impact this has on pedestrian Tampa. The idea of just closing it down instead of improving it and making it safe just slaps in the face of urban progress."

A prior discussion occured in New Neighborhood Watch Group


IFly said...

I think there's more than one Troll of Seminole Heights, Scott. That's just where the one without a computer lives.

On a serious note, I think the important part of any discussion is what the neighbors think. It's sad to see another link from East to West eliminated, but without a commitment to patrol it, I can see where it could create quite the nuisance to those who have to live near it.

carasu said...
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carasu said...

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Thanks, and happy blogging!

Torgo said...

Is the plan for the east-west path on the north side of the river (referred to by Randy) still a realistic possibility?

North of Sligh said...

The city has already started work on the walkway on the north side of the river, so there will not be a net decrease in the number of east-west pedestrian walkways; it will just be relocated to a more appopriate spot.