Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Cooks & Company - Personal Chefs

Greg (Mal Carne) and I have just opened our Personal Chef biz in the hood and were hoping you could put a post up about it.

Our concept is to create a nice sized clientele (the more in Seminole Heights the better) performing in the clients home and then (once we have established business) to open a commercial kitchen (here in the hood) where we will deliver our services, offer cooking classes, and a small retail area for culinary equipment and utensils.

For now, we will operate from the clients kitchen, using organic and ethically treated meats whenever possible. Our goal is to market to the working professionals, not just the uber rich. We'd like our services to be affordable to everyone.

We offer a personal chef service, in-home cooking classes, and small catering. Check out our website for a more detailed description and don't worry David! we'll service Lutz, too! We actually are catering a grad party in Lutz this Sunday!

We'd like to hear what everyone has to say about the website. Is it attractive? Are our prices reasonable, taking time saved into concept? What would neighbors like to see?

By the way,do you like our logo? Maria (of Two Dogs and A Girl) did it! She's awesome! Greg designed our website. He's awesome too!

Michelle Baker
(813) 500-3205


Torgo said...


Just a style comment on the website. Those overly large pictures on the top of each page are typically a no-no. The more people have to do (and believe me -- as absurd as it is - many people consider scrolling down a laborious task) the less likely they'll take time to browse through your website.

Other than that it looks sharp and I hope to partake in your services on day!

Mal Carne said...

Can I ask if what you are seeing is the same as this: click or is it skewed? I'm asking because every time that I think I've managed to accomodate every browser and screen resolution known to mankind, a new display bug pops up. I'm just trying to figure out if it's an opinion, or something that needs fixing. Thanks.

IFly said...

I'm on 1280x1024 here and no scrolling involved at all. At this resolution the pages look great. Congrats on getting this going and best of luck to you!

Torgo said...

Now that "click" link looks great! My web browser shows the picture on the right to be on the top of the page (taking up almost the entire area and requiring scrolling).

I'm running IE7 with 1024x78 at 32 bits.

If you decide to adjust it, I'll try it again if you'd like. Good luck!

Mary Lou said...

I think the website looks great! I will definitely try you out sometime,perhaps next week? If I give you my favorite Tuna Tartar (to die for) recipe do you think you could execute it? I'm in need of some low carb cooking. I'll pass on the classes,no desire to learn. I love to eat, but hate cooking. Glad you're here!



Mal Carne said...

Not a problem. Call or email us and we can be making tuna tartar for you tomorrow.