Friday, May 25, 2007

Kevin Settles Suits Fines

According the the Tribune, Kevin White has " has agreed to pay a fine of $9,500 for election offenses that included spending campaign money on tailor-made suits and ties" and "The settlement drops charges that White used $1,915 in campaign money to buy a computer for personal use. "

What is most significant to me is this comment by Kevin:

"White said Thursday he thought that when he spent $6,100 in campaign money on clothing, the purchases were legitimate expenditures because of the personal appearances he had to make. He said he now realizes buying the tailor-made suits "rubbed people the wrong way."
"I made a mistake. I recognize the mistake. I replaced the money for the mistake, and I'm paying the fine," he said. "I apologized. I'm not going to do it anymore."

Of note, is that nothing would have occured had not Tampa resident Lawrence R. Schuler made a complaint.

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LiberalDem said...

No kidding. I also found it curious that he found it necessary to fake the records for the expense. One does not usually try to hide what one believes is honest. Oh well, there's always another election.