Friday, May 04, 2007

Bigger Seminole Heights

Seminole Heights is a bigger than life neighborhood. it's like one of the guys or gals in a room everyone talks about but that person always has something going on.

This reputation also means Seminole Heights gets a larger footprint than it really has. Often times I will read a story that will indicate something occur in Seminole Heights or that Seminole Heights residents were involved in civic fight.

For example: In the recent issue about the crematorium that wanted to move in to Florida Ave south of MLK Blvd, often times in news stories and blog article or comments people would say the facility would be located in Seminole Heights or that Seminole Heights people were fighting it. We were not. this faciity was located in Arlington Heights/Tampa Heights.

Today in the times was another story described as being in Seminole Heights. It is a very touching story. Lessons in comfort - A student learns that for the dying, listening can be the best medicine.

"But when Robben pulled up to the little old house on Orleans Avenue, Albury was corralling his pit bulls in the yard with an oxygen tank slung around his shoulder. "


"He had lived here when Seminole Heights was surrounded by dirt roads and the Kmart behind his house was prime hog hunting ground. In his big yard, Albury raised dozens of dogs to help him hunt." Kmart is in Sulphur Springs. Albury is likely living in Riverbend or Lowry Park Central.

Here is a map of all of the neighborhoods in Tampa.

A couple of nice quotes form the article:

""Just cause I'm old and ugly don't mean I can't take them, " Albury told Robben. "I remember. I don't forget nothing.""


"Treat people well, " Albury told him. "Don't give 'em no hard time. Just tell them the truth, and they won't hurt as bad."


IFly said...

Part of it might also stem from the time when SH was the suburbs and how we tend to generalize areas by referring to the biggest suburb or development in a particular direction. I remember when everything up North Dale Mabry was "Carollwood," everything out 60 and down south 41 was "Brandon" everything up 41 was Lutz/Land O' Lakes and everything to the NW was T&C. When I told my grandmother I was moving to Seminole Heights she asked me didn't I live there when I was in college(I lived in an apt up 22nd St behind University Mall when I was attending USF). To her Seminole Heights was just about everything north of downtown until you got to the "country."

IFly said...

Off-topic, but I thought this might be of interest to everyone. Credit goes to Tommy @ Sticks of Fire:A Tampa Blog

Hillsborough County has added some online services for its Consumer Protection Agency
Hillsborough County Consumer Protection and Professional Responsibility

Michelle said...

Completely off topic. I am trying to find an email address for Scott. I've just opened a new Seminole Heights business and was hoping he could put up a post about.
Anyone know how to reach him?

Seminole Heights said...

email me at dbanghart(at)

Shawn-non-anonymous said...


The Tampa Tribune redefined the neighborhoods to save themselves some cash. So "Seminole Heights" is now "South Tampa" for the purposes of adversizing.

However, playing loose with neighborhood boundaries isn't the only issue here. Reporters that work for this "paper of record" can be LAZY and thus might attribute things to one neighborhood over another out of simple, careless ignorance.

Which only goes to demonstrate why the Tampa Tribune has never and will never be subscribed to by anyone in my household. Ever.