Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The (Big Square) Money Pit

A new blog in Seminole Heights - The (Big Square) Money Pit

"Our costly and labor intensive adventures through "Big Old House" restoration and maintenance.In the ever changing borough of Seminole Heights, Tampa, Florida"

Here is an excerpt:

"I have been thinking about my downstairs bathroom lately. These thoughts kind of pop in and out of my head, there are so many things I want to do....for the most part, the "have to dos" come first. This bathroom is so small, I'm contemplating tackling it anyway. It works...the toilet flushes, the sink provides water, heck-even the door closes, which is pretty good in an old house. It's just a little ugly, not so much because of what the previous owners did, but how they did it and the fact it is undoing itself a little now. The bathroom is very small, there is a shower stall (tiled), a toilet, a pedestal sink and a window. The tile is on the walls as well, halfway up with dark brown paint on the walls above. The previous owners tried to update the look by doing a two or three step faux finish on the tiles, in a deep brown. It looks a little (and I mean a little) like stone. This was done with regular paint and is now coming off in some places. The color is......aqua! I don't know if I mean that in an excited good way or an excited horrified way;"

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carasu said...

Thanks for the "official mention"! My main goal is to track our progress and maybe get some advice and opinions along the way so same day, once every last piece of rotted wood is replaced, every plaster crack is filled and everything on my "want list" is done, we can look back over everything and say "wasn't that fun??"....
Some of you in SH have been in my house,"the house with the sprinkler system"....some have told me a little about it's past..including it's life as a boarding house, halfway house, bordello, water supply for the area complete with elevated water tower in the teens and twenties...but I think my favorite story was from Bill Duvall, who had restored the floors back from being painted black at one time....he recalled a naked woman on the front porch shouting to the cars passing by on Hillsborough...(obviously from the halfway house era). I hope you all check in every so often, and offer advice, opinions and experiences freely.