Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tampa Street Market getting new digs

Tampa Street Market is no longer at their Seminole Heights location. On their blog they go into their reasons for moving out.

"On the other hand, our customers were from all over the bay and often asked for a more convenient location. While we are talking about convenience, that takes us to the parking problem. As those who frequented our shop and Cappy's know, there is not an abundance of parking at the shop. Often customers would become frustrated when looking for a space and pass by without returning. Our parking problem had very little to do with Cappy's and much more to do with the other residents and workers in our building who would park directly in front of our shop on a daily basis. Also, anyone that asked us knew there was no bathroom in our unit and in order to reach one in the building they had to trek through another renter's unit and down a hallway that looked like something out of a horror movie. Seminole Heights has very little retail space and when we calculated our square footage - 740 and took our rent we found we were paying a little more than $20 per sqft. That is the going rate for retail space in a newly renovated space downtown. I hope that this helps everyone understand our reasons for looking for a new space."

They have a new location in mind, but are waiting to announce until all the necessary details are taken care of. "The new place, wherever it is, should have everything you've asked for - easier to find, better parking, and more room for great stuff!"

Good luck.

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