Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Celebrity Sighting - Derek Jeter

From a reader:

"I was outside Starbucks when a very tricked out Hummer pull in and parked. I am not paying any attention because I am on the phone. I . . . . then turn around to head up to the counter. Boom Derek Jeter is standing at the counter. I am sure my face was totally in shock. He looked me right in the eye and smiled. I turned around to the girls and said that’s Derek Jeter --- they didn’t know who he was unfortunately. He is a very large ticket baseball player for the NY Yankees . . . . . donates a large part back into Tampa. I know spring training is going on but he was in my little Starbucks. He got his coffee as I was walking toward the counter to order mine. "

Anyone see any other celebrities in Seminole Heights?

Related news: Billy Crystal signed with the Yankees and to play in Tampa on Thursday

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