Monday, March 10, 2008

CU ATM fees

Posted on the SE Seminole Hts email group:

"If you are a member of a credit union and use the Tampa Bay Federal Credit Union ATM (at MLK and Nebraska) please be aware that they now charge a $2.00 fee to use the ATM. They have opted out of the fee waiver for other credit union customers that they used to participate in. That fee is also in addition to any fees your own bank may charge you."


carasu said...

Low margins are forcing many banks and CUs to raise fees and stop waiving fees as they used effect of the lower federal rates.

Rick Fifer said...

Since TBFCU is my credit union I went online to check the changes. The change accoding to TBFCU is actually that SunCoast Schools CU pulled out of the agreement to share their ATMs (most of which were in McDonald's). The post alerted me to the change but in checking I still have a lot of options through the CU network not to havea fee. It looks more like suncoast schools decided not to keep sharing.