Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Burger Wars

Creative loafing is featuring "The Tournament of Burgers". At present, the contest is set out in a sports bracket type sheet online. Neighborhood contender Bungalow Bistro is set against Danny's All American in the first round. Show Elizabeth some love and help her climb in the brackets.

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Online voting form: link

I do have to say, I'm not a burger fan, but the burger that I had at the Bistro was pretty freakin' good. Take that for what it's worth from a non-fanatic. If you haven't had one, go try one for yourself.


tracey said...

I vote for bungalow bistro in Seminole Heights. The burgers are delish and so are the fies and rosemary potatoes you can get with it.

Anonymous said...

the chef is great! too bad the owner isn't very nice

Neighbor on Henry said...

First of all I have been a "lurker" on this blog for over a year and have never been compelled to comment before now. So, I signed up and now have a google account.

Yesterday I went to the Bungalow Bistro for my third visit. First two with my husband were pretty good experiences although we both felt a little over priced. I live in the hood and want to patronize all within. I was treating a friend to lunch yesterday for her birthday. We both work downtown and I thought she might enjoy lunch there. When the menus came I mentioned the comments I had see on the blog about how good the burgers were. We both decided to get burgers with cheese. When asked how we wanted them cooked, we both said medium well - no pink. The burgers came, we dressed them, cut them in half, mine was very pink and hers nearly raw. Had to get the waitress' attention to send them back. They came back with new buns and new fries, mine was nearly burnt on the outside and still a little pink inside, my friend's still very rare on the top half where the cheese was. The waitress waited for us to inspect and she saw this. The waitress did offer to take them back AGAIN. By this time we were running out of time on our lunch hour and my friend being very passive said she would just cut out the rare pieces which she did and left on the plate. Me, I ate mine but it was burnt in spots on the outside and tasted so. I was a little embarrased about the whole thing since it was a "special" occasion and I had bragged that I thought she would like this place. So, the check came, $20.00 for two burgers and two teas. I got to thinking that perhaps they could have "comped" the iced tea or something for our inconvenience. I won't be going back and feel strongly that if someone outside the neighborhood came and got the same service/food quality, they would bad mouth us all the way home. Some of you might say I should have asked to speak to the manager. But this is a small establishment and I feel the waitress should have gone to bat for us and done something on her own. All she did was apologize.

I will try to be more positive with my future comments.

anonaMISS said...

Are you kidding me...the owner is very nice. Always comes to the table.

Neighbor on Henry said...

Not kidding. Wouldn't go to the trouble of commenting if it weren't so. Was there on Wednesday, 3/26/08 from approx 1:10 - 2:15 p.m. Never saw anyone but our waitress.

Urban Eater said...

Henry, I believe anonoMiss was refering to Rhonda's statement.
Henry, pls don't take this as an insult:
Well done burgers (no pink) are going to be a little charred when cooking over open flames, like the Bistro prepares them. It just can't be avoided. Note: I said a little. The entire burger shouldn't be a charred block.
Now, with that said, there should have been no pink the second (hell, the first) time around. I do wish you had spoken with a manager. Every body has a bad day, and it sounds like your server wasn't on her game, nor the cooks. I believe you would have found them bending over backwards to satisfy you, had you brought it to anyone's attention. It's not too late. Call and ask for Elizabeth or Michael. Please give it one more go.
As for the pricing, I have eaten at almost every resturant in the Tampa Bay area and the Bistro is priced accordingly. It's not comparable to The Taco Bus or 3 Coins b/c it's quite a few steps above both.
Just last week, I had a cup of Basil Tomato Cream Soup and 1/2 a Turkey sandwich. The soup was to-die for and the sandwich was awesome. All for $6.95. The portions are not small, I was very full afterwards.
Does the Bistro have a few things to improve on? Well, sure, it's anew resturant and every new resturant goes through growing pains. I think they have done a bang-up job. I can't wait for them to get their beer and wine license in May! I just imagine leisure Saturday afternoons, basking in the sun on the second floor patio, sipping a cold Ship Yard brew.