Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Raised Bed Vegetable Garden

Providence willing, there comes a time when one may experience the luxury of reliving cherished childhood memories. For me, one such is backyard vegetable gardening. Growing up in Clearwater, our family led by Dad the gentleman farmer, kept up a big garden over the years.

Last weekend, I set out to create my version of the backyard garden by banging together some raised bed containers from yellow pine 2x10s. That job done, I started looking for a source of decent topsoil. No luck on craig's list and the bags at the garden centers are too expensive.

So, before I let my fingers do the dreaded walking, I'm asking the SH blog community for suggestions for whom to call for delivery of a couple of yards of decent ("organic"?) topsoil I can use as a start in creating my "special blend".

Any ideas? Any childhood gardening memories to share?


IFly said...

Try Wingate Supply (813) 870-2620.

Their planting soil has done wonders for our flower beds.

Cara said...

Mannys by the Hillsborough Ave bridge. said...

I have used this company several times and their topsoil is landscape quality at a reasonable price. We do business in Tampa, Orlando, and Jacksonville and they have delivered to us in all 3 cities.

Florida Topsoil