Monday, April 07, 2008

Stolen Bikes

Posted as requested by a reader:


My wife and I and some friends were on the home tour this afternoon and our friends' bikes were stolen right out of our driveway. They were parked inconspicuously (or so we thought) in front of our cars in the driveway.

Nevertheless, they are gone - pretty damn gutsy to take something in broad daylight with cars in the driveway and a barking dog in the house. They are both DIAMONDBACK MOUNTAIN BIKES - one RED, one HOT PINK.

Since our street (Jean) isn't typically a cut-through, we're thinking that someone planned to do some trolling while the home tour was going on, even with a lot of cops driving around.

If you think you've seen the bikes, please email me ASAP @



SandS - Systems & Solutions said...

Unfortunately, I don't have information about the whereabouts of your bikes but I do want to let you know that I have been working on the development of a website where crimes that take place in our neighborhoods can be reported.

I just launched the site a week ago and I am still in the process of working out all of the bugs but please stop by and sign-up if you have a minute. I am not making any money off of the site, in fact, it costs me money...but I sincerely hope that we can gather enough information about the criminal activities that take place in our neighborhoods that we can actually catch some of these crooks.

Rick Fifer said...

While I don't like criminal activity any better than the next person, a website advertising that is hardly the best way to promote the neighborhood.

Kind of like the google search of Seminole Heights that always pulls up the "update on Prostitution."

It will float in cyberspace forever and be another "negative" There is already a strong perception that we are some crime infested community by those that live elsewhere. The statistics don't bear that out but that is the perception. It is in the same vein as why I take issue with neighbors saying "the hood".

Perception is reality to many people. I doubt a website advertising where there has been criminal activity will catch a single perpetrator but will turn people away from considering living in our community. Just a thought.

SandS - Systems & Solutions said...

I understand your viewpoint Rick. However, I am not attempting to promote the neighborhood. My intention is to create an open forum where individuals who live in these neighborhoods can communicate about the criminal activities that take place here. My parents live in a $500,000 home in Old Seminole Heights and last month, someone went into their yard, climbed under one of their vehicles and sawed the catalytic converter out of it for the small amount of platinum that is inside of it. Now, if I can prevent one or two other people from getting ripped off by the same idiot(s) by spreading the word, then why wouldn't I?

Suppose I own a silver motorcycle that gets stolen out of my driveway and I post it on the forums... you happen to venture outside a few days later and notice that your neighbor has a motorcycle of that description sitting in his side yard?? The point is this... these crooks live HERE. I know this because I saw a guy snatch a purse and escape on a BMX bike with 5 full grown men chasing him. He ducked into a house, plain and simple. Another young man was able to outrun the police IN BROAD DAYLIGHT after breaking into my neighbor's house because he too, ducked into a house only blocks from where he committed the crime.

I don't care what people think of our neighborhood. I care that our homes, belongings and children are safe. Failing to communicate with each other about these instances because we don't want to "advertise" the crime in our area is the type of ideology that allows these criminals to keep ripping us off.

Thanks for the feedback but I think you misunderstand my intentions. If anything, the site portrays just how much the people that live in our neighborhoods care about their community and its safety.

Teri said...

I'm with SandS... I'll let the beauty of the Grand Oaks and restored Bungalow's do the promoting for the neighborhood. is an excellent neighborhood watch tool. If we are to live safely in our up-and-coming neighborhoods, we must make an effort to be part of the solution., to me, is an effective, non-violent way to get involved and maybe make a difference.