Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Bob N Lou's is pretty darn good!

Has anyone mentioned Bob N Lou's Cafe n Deli on here yet? Why not?! They make some pretty darn good cuban sandwiches, great cheesecake, and their espresso really hits the spot. They also happen to be a couple of sweethearts, really nice guys, the kind of guys who, in a just and sane world, would be puttin Starbucks out of business with their old school approach. In fact, it's my humble opinion that you should stop giving your money to Starbucks and spend it at Bob N Lou's on a regular basis. They're a genuine Mom and Pop, just Bob and Lou and some other dude in the kitchen whose name I didn't catch.

Not sure what's up with their hours. Officially they're open 7am to 9pm weekdays and 8 to 8 on Saturday but I've caught them open all the way up to midnight once or twice. I like that-hours shouldn't be written in stone!

Occasionally, they have these heavenly little chocolate covered cream puffs in there that will knock your socks off! I couldn't help eating about ten of them in one sitting the other day. They're that good.

Bob N Lou's is conveniently located right next door to Green Shift so you can go buy your favorite comic and then sit down and read it at the cafe while dipping cream puffs in your espresso and listening to the radio. That's what I did and let me tell you, it was a damn good time!

I particularly like the fact that they let me pour my own steamed milk in my espresso. Not too little, not too much...That's good business sense. Let the customer pour it so they can't bitch if it isn't right. You won't see those kids at Starbucks letting you pour your own steamed milk in your espresso. No way! They're probably afraid you'll sue em after you burn yourself. Cowards!

If Bob and Lou had wifi, I'd be hangin out there all day, drinking coffee, reading comic books, and watching the crazies walk up and down Nebraska Avenue. That'd be the life!
Good Luck Bob N Lou!


alivinghominid said...

over-under on closing = 10 months

Tommy McNeeley said...

I believe they do have Wi-Fi.

love_you_81206 said...

Great Philly sandwiches and cubans !!!! I've never heard of 8', 10" or 12" choices for sandwiches before. And only need $3.00 to make myself full---- no more cooking everyday. Thanks Bob n Lou's !!

Teri said...

They do have free WiFi. Their prices on deli meat and cheese are better than the grocery store also. The espresso is very good as well as eveything else I've tried from there so far.