Monday, April 07, 2008

Neighborhood Gossip

We're looking for some juicy neighborhood gossip! We don't mean what Jane Doe said about the souffle John Doe brought to the porch party; rather we're looking for good things (confirmed or otherwise) happening in our neighborhoods.

We'll run validated submissions in the hardcopy and online version of the next issue of New Heights.

In case you missed the last issue's rumors:

Acropolis Taverna to open in Seminole Heights
Plausible: Costa Waez, owner of Acropolis, reported to New Heights in February that he was actively looking at locations in Seminole Heights. If he finds the right place at the right price, he will open an Acropolis in the neighborhood.

Bank to open in Seminole Heights
Plausible: New Heights’ was contacted by a person scouting locations to open a large bank in the neighborhood. A separate report indicates a bank may move into 105 W. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. in 2009.

Beef O’Brady’s to open in Seminole Heights
Plausible: Although New Heights’ sources have verified a franchisee has considered several locations in the neighborhood, whether one has been secured is unknown.

Bungalow Bistro to add Full Bar
Plausible: The popular new restaurant will soon go before Tampa City Council for approval to sell beer, wine and liquor. If all goes as expected, the beer and wine should be on the menu by the end of May.

Coonfare’s changes Ownership
True: Coonfare’s (502 N. Tampa St.) has switched ownership and now operates under the name Arena Sports CafĂ©.

Front Porch to host Live Music
Plausible: The Seminole Heights landmark is currently building an outside bar. Upon city approval of the addition, the owners plan to host live music three nights a week.

L’Eden to add Downtown Location
Plausible: Chef Gerard Jamgotchian has confirmed his restaurant (500 N. Tampa St.) is looking for an additional and larger location downtown, but a storefront has yet to be secured.

Merino’s Deli Moving
Plausible: The fairly new restaurant, located at 6428 N. Florida Ave., is considering moving to another Seminole Heights location – closer to Hillsborough Ave.

Mr. Empanada to add more Stores
True: The West Tampa-based company now has five restaurants in Tampa Bay and will soon open storefronts in Brandon and near USF.

New Grocery Store for VM Ybor
False: A circa 1908 brick building was moved from 2506 N. 12th St. to 1001 E. Columbus Dr. The wide spread rumor that it would become a grocery store is probably rooted in (and confused with) the fact that it used to be the El Progresso de Ybor Grocery. The building is for sale by the city and its use will be up to the purchaser.

New Heights now in Storefront Location
True: New Heights Magazine has moved into a storefront where three UC neighborhoods (Seminole, Riverside and Tampa Heights) converge: 3901 N. Boulevard. It neighbors with Grunt Marketing and Spencer Financial.

Sangria’s Seminole Heights [You Fill in the Blank]
Unverified: Although Sangria’s Seminole Heights location has been approved by the city, none of the information New Heights has heard about the 512 E. Hillsborough Ave. location has been verified. Rumors include: April 2008 opening, adding a story, razing and re-building the property, opening an adjacent tanning salon and more. Victor, please call us: (813) 389-8116.

Seminole Hard Rock offering free UC Shuttle
True: The hotel and casino runs a free shuttle to and from select downtown hotels.

Stephanno’s Pizzeria to open New Location
Plausible: The Seminole Heights (mostly) to-go restaurant is considering an additional location near the Tampa Heights/Seminole Heights border.

Tampa Bay Brewing Company to add Locations
True: The favorite Ybor City haunt has plans to open 3-4 more locations around Tampa.

UPS Store to open in Seminole Heights
True: If all goes as planned, the location at 5100 N. Florida Ave. will soon house a UPS Store and possibly a few other retail shops, such as a grocery store or bank.

UT Track/Soccer Field being Renovated
True: The University of Tampa’s track and soccer field was closed for renovations in January. The track is scheduled to open April 11; the field August 1.

Vietnamese Restaurant to open Downtown
True: Bamboozle Cafe will open soon at 516 N. Tampa St.


anonaMISS said...

How about the owner of Alessi's being a slum lord for so long that the city has finally sent him notice that he is being taken to court and may face criminal charges. My husband finally called the city and was told that they have a very lengthy file and have sent him notice to appear in court.

Jay McGee said...

Very interested in seeing what will become of that property.

groovy55 said...

Whatever happened to the sports bar that was supposed to go in on Nebraska and E. North. They had a wet zone hearing back in Dec but I never heard anything more.

Jay McGee said...

Yeah -- we're printing a blurb about that in the newest edition (comes out mid-May).

We got a response (from the owner) by doing the same thing in regards to all the Sangria's rumors -- perhaps it will work for Greg's Pub & Grub.

groovy55 said...

Hey Jay, I just drove by yesterday and noticed they have prepped the lot on the northeast side of Neb and E. North (6401 N. Nebraska) for construction. This was the planned site for Greg's Pub nd Grub. Hopefully construction will begin soon. Can't wait to have a nice clean new local bar to call our own. Let us know if Greg contacts you...we need the SCOOOP!!!

groovy55 said...

Jay -
What was clarified regarding Sangria's?