Monday, April 14, 2008

Seminole Heights Publix Update

The following was posted at the request of Chuck, the Publix manager and a Seminole Heights neighbor, to share news about our neighborhood Publix.

Just wanted to drop a Publix note letting you know that this March we began our fourteenth year with the new store. We had forty years with the old store, so fifty five years of Publix in Seminole Heights!

I am very honored to be your neighborhood manager and continue to strive to make you proud of our little store.Some updates of things that have recently happened and are coming up:

1) The big yellow generator outside is large enough to run the entire store in the event of an emergency(hurricanes!). This will be very helpful to everyone if TECO has a major outage, plus good for Publix. We threw away $65 million in Groceries when the storms hit a few years back. This should be a win/win for everyone.
2) The locking wheel carts are helping make sure you always have a cart available when you come shopping, plus they don't end up in your yard. We are finding them very successful and hope you haven't noticed any difference in your shopping experience with them.
3) We will be getting a new hot case in the Bakery which will include empanadas, croquettes, pizzas, and pasties similar to what you find if you shop at the Hillsborough Publix. This should be in within the next four weeks.
4) We are getting a dedicated Publix Tea case in the Deli department. By taking the Tea to the Deli, we will have more room to expand on the Greenwise milk in the milk case. I get many requests for this and will have it happen soon. This includes carrying half gallons of the Greenwise milk, plus Publix buttermilk.
5) We have two new Limited Edition Ice Creams and one yogurt that have just come in. They include Key Lime Pie Ice Cream, Its Your Birthday ice cream, and Lemon Sugar Cookie yogurt, an award winner from the American Ice Cream panel. Look for these in the ice cream section.

So some updates of what is going on with your local store. If you have any questions or comments that I can assist with, please do not hesitate to call me at 813-238-7720.
It truly is a pleasure working and living in Seminole Heights!
Thank you!Chuck Kaelin
Your Neighborhood Publix Manager


Ratssasss said...

Keep up the great work Chuck! :) The changes to our neighborhood Publix have been noticeable and absolutely wonderful. The smaller and more available carts have made a huge impact as I think many of us were tired of having to scout the parking lot for one to do our shopping. Also being that they are smaller makes for much easier manuevering in the narrow aisles. Now if you could only get rid of some of the riff raff that has slinked in from the closing of the Albertson's on Hillsborough that would be wonderful. Unfortunately seeing gold-toothed, slipper wearing, foul mouthed, low pant wearing hoodlums is unsettling.

anonaMISS said...

please, oh puleeeeaaazze, get us the good sushi. The South Tampa (Bayshore) location has some of the best Sushi in town. On sushi nite, I am forced to load up the family, trek across town, to get it. I tried the stuff that the Seminole Heights Publix tries to pass as Sushi. It is more like Elmers Glue mixed with rice paste. Wow was it gross. If anyone has not tried the Publix Sushi, you must try!

Urban Eater said...

Chuck it's great that you are so interested in the community that you would even care to post on the blog. Thank you.
Without sounding like a Negtaive Nancy, it would be great, if your deli staff could be more friendly and more willing to help customers. I've stopped going to the deli b/c of how long it takes and the attitude one gets when ordering. I know you are aware of this problem and I know you have had trouble getting it sorted out. Hopefully, some progress can be made.
Great beer selection, by the way. Yeah, for the sushi comment above; but I understand space may not be able to allow for a dedicated sushi bar. I've also noticed you are carrying a wider variety of produce, yeah!
The changes to the bakery are also wonderful, offering the beautiful little pastries like the other Publix do!
Thanks again for your neighborhood concern.

SH_Resident said...

I agree with the comment regarding the deli staff. Sometimes it does seem to take forever to get your meat/cheese. I loved it when they had the Fast Track deli where you could write down your order and come back and get it. I was very disappointed when they did away with this amenity.

Anonymous said...

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