Thursday, February 28, 2008

S.H. Live Jazz Tonight

Come and join us at the Walton Academy Thursday, February 28, for a fantastic evening of jazz.


nataS said...
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ranbar said...


This will be the first and last time I respond to your continued attacks against me on this forum.

I don't know who you are, but if you have a problem with me, my dogs or any one of your other neigbors, I would suggest you actually talk to me (or them) about it instead of ripping me (or them) anonymously behind a screen name on a public blog. It makes you seem petty and vindictive.

That said, I am sorry you had to use my dog as an excuse to miss the jazz show. I usually try to catch Denise whenever she plays because she is an exceptional singer and always puts on a great show (and does one of my favorite renditions of Summertime). However, I also had to miss it because I was at City Council advocating to make sure that wetzoning approvals stay before Council instead of being
approved administratively with little notice to the neighborhood.

However, if my dog has to pee at 5:30 then I will let her out for her to do so. Funny thing is that if you could hear her barking (from whereever it is that you live) loudly enough to wake you, then I am pretty sure that I could have heard her as well, since I was already up. But if your hearing is that sensitive and you continue to be deprived of sleep, I encourage you to discuss it with me, instead of just taping threatening notes to my door, calling me names and trying to embarass me in a public forum. You apparently know where I live, so stop by and say hello. Then maybe we can resolve this issue as neighbors should, instead of trading barbs on a blog.


lips like sugar said...

I hope you never try live in a big city if the sound of a dog barking wakes you up. Seriously, get over it.


My dogs have to pee early too.

nataS said...

"Oh, I was at city council...blah blah blah..."

Arrogant and pompous. I don't care how important you think you are. I'm not going to discuss this with you face to face. From now on, I will call the police and report a noise disturbance. Let's see how many times we'll have to get the cops our to your house. Will that embarrass you enough.

Hamter said...

Hey Natas, right on with your judgement.
There are many others who would agree in this town with your opinion. Keeping it real man, good for you.