Monday, February 11, 2008

See yourself in Pictures

Have you hosted or attended a Seminole Heights event this year?

Do you have pictures of it that you'd like to share?

If so, please email them to Jay McGee, along with the event's name, location and date -- as well as the names of the main people in the photos -- and I'll post them on this blog for you.


SSHeights said...

Is this the only blog you spam, or are there others?

Why not just put a link on the sidebar to your "magazine" and post your requests on your own web page?

Jay McGee said...

ssheights, I notice you have no name or email. How about you email me your phone number or call me at (813) 389-8116?

Let's have a talk about your viewpoint.

SSHeights said...

Let's have a talk about your viewpoint.

Stop spamming your ad-mag here and then we'll talk.

Jay McGee said...

Gotta love anonymity.

SSHeights said...

Does my anonymity cause you to spam?

Anonymust said...

Yes you do. Anonymity is awesome and fun to say!

Go team spam sucks.

Urban Eater said...

I'm a little confused. Are you saying Jay is spaming so that he can hand out more free magazines? Or is he spaming because it's free magazine all about Seminole Heights?
Jay is trying to get the New Heights Mag off the ground so that we SH residents can bring more of the commercial business that we want (as in not car lots and 1000s of dinky-fly-by-night churches)into the hood. Jay isn't making a million off this magazine and relies on volunteer's. It's a magazine about SH, so posting requests for pictures on the Seminole Heights blog is not really unfounded nor have any of his other postings been.
Ease up tiger. He's not spaming.

Mal Carne said...

Question: at what number do the posts complaining about spam become spam themselves.

[homer] Think about the irony [/homer]

lips like sugar said...

How much spam could a spam blocker block if a spam blocker could block spam?