Sunday, February 03, 2008

Out A Politician

Reading Rick Fifer's article Know Your Neighbor, (about those who signed the petition to put the “Marriage Protection Amendment” on the ballot) I wondered,what politicians have signed this?

Brian Blair of 12702 N Boulevard Tampa (County Commissioner?)
James Norman of 4907 Londonderry Dr Tampa (Is this Jim Norman?) (County Commissioner?)
Ronda Storms of 2129 Crosby Rd of Valrico (State Senator)
Rick Lott 3200 Polo Dr. Plant City (Is this the Plant City Mayor?)
Bennie Holder (Addr Withheld Pursuant To Fs .) (former police chief?)

Do your own search. Tell us what you come up with.


Devils Advocate said...

Is signing a petition the same as a vote?
I sign all petitions as it's one of the only ways left for citizens to have a voice.
would you rather legislation be kept behind closed doors and going to the higest payers?

Remember, this isn't a show of support petition like the ones you sign to stop the war (useless)
It's one to allow the subject to even be voted one (real petition)by the citizens.

If ppl want or don't want something that's how we let the politicans know. At least here in FL.

BTW: did you get some orgasmic thrill as you were looking up all those names?

Devils Advocate said...

Oh yea, as for the subject of the initative, I couldn't care less is you wanted to marry your sister or your dog. it's the associated benifits of marrige that causes the greatest amount of controversy.
I say either give everyone 1 pick ( hell, make it your sister or dog) or none at all and take the subject of morality out of it completly

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Not getting enough signatures to make the ballot is also a way to let politicians know how we feel about something. Signing a petition is *agreement* with the goals of the petition. By design, they represent one side of an argument only.

Since the goal of this amendment is to prevent any form of civil union, domestic partnership, or marriage for me and people like me, it says some pretty bad things about people who think it's worthy of a vote. Especially since, at this time, gay marriage or civil unions are already illegal in Florida. This law will overturn any local DP registries in Florida (are there any?) and place at risk the DP benefits people get from some employers. (some states have terminated these benefits on language similar to what is in this law.)

It is never cool to place someone's civil rights up for a vote like this where the only possible outcome, regardless of the vote, is negative. This vote cannot lead to civil equality for gay and lesbian citizens. The best outcome is the status quo, which is already bad enough.

The question before the voters is: should we make life even worse for our GLBT neighbors?

Anyone who's name is on this petition can expect nothing good from me.

Anonymust said...

Yes but can I marry my sisters dog?