Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Seminole Heights Hot Sauce Festival

Ha! I did it! I broke into my Hubby's Blogger account! (insert evil laughter)

So who thinks a good ole fashioned Hot Sauce Festival sounds like a good idea?
I Do! I Do!

I'm scouring Seminole Heights for some volunteers. I've got the game plan, but I'll need some assistance. No, you won't need to quit your job in order to volunteer, but I do need some committed (preferably not in a hospital) Seminole Heights folks to put this festival together.

Here's the 411:
People enter their winning hot sauces into 3 categories: Red, Green, & Speciality (think Peach). There is a panel of guest judges that will do a blind tasting. There is a big tent where festival goers can taste all of the yummy hot sauce. There's a Chili Pepper Eating Contest, there is a Hot Sauce Puppy Pageant, there is a Hot Sauce band. Family fun for all. I'm hoping to do it at the Garden Center.

Please email if you are interested in volunteering in any way shape or form!

The Urban Eater


Tommy Cane said...

If you would like to do this at a porch party let me know?


Jay McGee said...

If this becomes an actual event, New Heights Magazine will sign on as an official sponsor.

Let us know.

Urban Eater said...

Tommy I really appreciate you opening up your house, but I think the public would be more inclined to attend if it were not in someone's home. I think Porch Parties are great, but they tend to have the same attendees over and over again. Once in a while a new face appears.
I've got some Tribune connections and was going to ask them to publish the Festival so anyone in Tampa can come if they would like to.
Appreciate Jay. I was kind of hoping for that.

Urban Eater said...

A good fellow pointed out that salsa should also be included. This was how I originally envisioned the festival, either salsa or hot sauce and realized my mistake. Tampa is very clear about whether something is hot sauce or salsa. Sooooooooo, the new name will be:
The Semniole Heights Hot Salsa Sauce Festival.

Hamter said...

Agree with you, ever wonder why hardly any new faces show up at those porch parties? If one does it disappears soon after so back to the same ole, same ole crew.
Ya think that might be why?
Just an observation & thought since it was brought up here.

Urban Eater said...

Just want to be clear, I wasn't dissing the Porch Parties. I think they are great, but I am loud and obnixious and don't mind crashing into someone's home.

Hamter, wanna help me out a little?????

Hamter said...

No help required there Urban Eater, your original comment speaks for itself further than what you intended of course but none the less says a lot just as an underlying observation.

Michelle said...

Oh! I meant, would you be interested in voluntering????????
It's for a good cause, Chefs For Humanity