Friday, November 02, 2007

Second Annual Martinioff - 11/2, Friday, 7pm


It's that time again! So get out your shakers and get creative..................
Here is an email from the host of the Second Annual Martinioff, Glenn Cable.

The November Porch Party, Friday 11/2/2007 7:00, will be at my house, 901 E McBerry. Last year we had 10 people vying for the title of SESH "Tini-master" About 80 people attended and we went through around 600 1 oz plastic glasses. Each entrant will be given a numbered placemat, 50-75 sampling glasses, and a spot in my kitchen to compete for the 2007 title. The entry fee of $5 will be donated to SESHCA. I am searching for the right prize/trophy for the winner. Details to follow...

So grab your mixologist manuals, start fermenting your secret brews, and get ready for some serious competition! As many of you know, the Pumpkin martini last year was a landslide winner. The creator of that wonderful beverage is slightly smug but secret about her new recipe. This year's crowd already includes a couple visitors from South Tampa and Winter Haven with some bartending skills who want to take the prize home so be prepared to sample some unique concoctions. Chipotle?

Bring a dish to share. Walk,don't drive. There is parking behind and next to my house.The voting will be held at 11! This year's DVDs will be Keith Urban's newest and the movie, Dreamgirls.

*Entire entry reprinted from the S.H. Hot Topics website.

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