Monday, November 26, 2007

River Parade

All boaters with kayaks, canoes and traditional motor craft are invited to join the 7th Annual Hillsborough River Holiday Boat Parade, Saturday December 8, sponsored by Friends of the River. Boaters meet at the Lowry Park ramp at 5:30 p.m. and travel upriver from 6-8 p.m. past the illuminated Sulphur Springs Tower to the Harbor Club on the river at Nebraska Ave. Incoming tides will be favorable that evening for this trip. Free entry.

Spectators can gather to view the parade at the riverfront park by the Sulphur Springs City Pool and historic Gazebo, where they’ll find plenty of parking and room for viewing.

This is the boat parade for the rest of us here in Seminole Heights – yacht ownership NOT required. Decorate whatever you have that floats and join the fun!

This year’s parade’s theme is A New Day in Tampa Bay, celebrating the coming rebirth of the Lower Hillsborough River. New Year’s Day 2008 fresh water starts flowing down the river every day from now on, something our community hasn’t seen for 36 years. This daily minimal flow will provide good conditions for the River to once again function as Tampa Bay ’s estuary, the nursery where fish are born & raised. Friends of the River advocated the river’s restoration for the past 9 years, winning its case when Swiftmud set the River Recovery Plan in motion this fall. As a result, scientists expect fishing in the Hillsborough River and Tampa Bay to improve dramatically next year, along with birds and manatees, and to get even better every year from now on as conditions necessary for fish to spawn continue to improve.

For information, contact Phil Compton, 813-841-3601,

Phil Compton, Chair

Friends of the River, Inc.

Restoring the health & beauty of the Heart of Tampa:

the Lower Hillsborough River & Tampa Bay ;


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