Thursday, November 08, 2007

LifePath Hospice Collecting Donations

From the OSHNA mailing list:

Do you have useable items of which you wish to dispose, but not enough to participate in OSHNA's Great Neighborhood Yard Sale on Saturday?
Why not donate the items to LifePath Hospice?
LifePath Hospice will be in the neighborhood Saturday, November 10th, picking up items from the yard sale. You may contact Terry, a LifePath manager, at 363-8748,
from 12 noon the day of the yard sale and she will coordinate a pick up.
LifePath Hospice is a 503(c) and will provide tax receipts the day of the Yard Sale.
Please remember to place a "FOR HOSPICE" sign on the items,
if you leave them in your front yard, for Hospice to pick up.

This is a great organization, please donate if you can.

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