Sunday, November 18, 2007

Missing Moe

A few weeks back I was quite excited about the changes at 3 Coins. The new owner (at that time) was Moe and he was making great changes. The eatery had a whole new ambitious attitude. The menu was great. The service improved dramatically. I hoped it would succeed at a dressed up 24-7 diner. I went there so often I joked it had become my second kitchen.

The night of the Florida Orchestra concert at Tower Park we took my neighbor Terry there. That was the last night that I would see Moe working his ambitious project. As I spoke with him he introduced us to some restaurant owners who were in town. I thought nothing of it.

The following week, I discovered that he had sold the restaurant to the folks I had met the week before. That was after a disasterous start to our visit. It went downhill from there. If there was a corner to be cut it seemed to be the path taken. The waitress was new with an attitude that was more at home in the old 3 Coins, not the one I had gotten use to patronizing. I made another visit about 10 days later. The pre-Moe 3 Coins seemed to have returned.

Since then I have heard from others who have become disenchanted. Today, I heard from another customer the newest owner has lost. So sad.

I wonder how many others have seen the same changes


YesterDazed said...

Rick, I'm happy to report, I didn't have the same experience as you did. I met Dino, the new owner, and have gotten the impression that he's just as invested and interested in upholding the changes that Moe had made. I've been there twice since Moe left and the menu and service has remained as good.

nataS said...

I actually had a really good experience over there the other night. Food was great, service was good and the place seemed to be running smoothly.

Tony said...

I miss moe. too. Are they ever going to play Florida, let alone the Tampa Bay area, again??

Tony said...

Seriously though, not to change the subject, but someone should post a story about the new Stephanno's. Got a bunch of take out there Friday, and it was SUPERB! Far better than anything I'd ever gotten there before. The gentleman in charge is a 20-year Pizza Hut veteran who took over management duties because he couldn't bear the thought of a sans-Stephano Florida Ave. He promised that things are likely to be far more consistent from now on. Tell you what, this is one Italian who can honestly say the Calzone I had Friday night was the Best. Calzone. Ever.

Rick Fifer said...

Well I am glad to hear that not everyone has had a bad experience as of late. I have talked with Dino as well. I hope the transition kinks get worked out. I would much rather have choices closer to home than across town.

I have encouraged those that have said something to me to make sure to let Dino know. No feedback doesn't give him or the staff the chance to address the issues.

luckytop said...

I ate there last week, late in the evening. The waitress was great and the food too. I was entirely happy with my most recent experience.

Michelle said...

I too, did not have a very good experience. It was so bad, we walked out without eating. You can read my comments on Seminole Heights Eats.
I'll be giving it another chance. Hopefully, Dino has gotten things under control.
And the Steffano post is coming soon.

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

I had mixed results with Moe at the helm, sorry to say. Waitresses claiming certain items were "out" and then other waitresses nearby taking orders and serving them up. What gives with that? They were out of grits on a Sunday at 10:30 am. In the South?!

During the G&L film festival, we ate late (very late) dinners there because they were open 24 hours. The vegetables that came with the meal were boiled into mush and inedible. I found the food quality hit and miss, overall.

I'll try the Coins again in a couple weeks and see if the new owner has worked out some of the issues Moe was still working on. Hopefully I won't get a bowl of broccoli pudding again.

Rick Fifer said...

Well David and I made another visit. Much better, still some kinks to work out but Dino is really trying to make it work.

I think he needs to keep hearing feedback from the neighborhood, it is the only way he will know what needs to improve.

I certainly haven't written three coins off. I think Moe had a vision for what he was trying to make 3 Coins into, I am not sure that Dino has that focus. But he is trying.

Mal Carne said...

Two visits, same results; I wish that I could be kinder about this but I can't - it just plain sucks.

Service has deteriorated to a point that I've had to get up and ask the server for almost everything that I've needed on both visits (clean fork, napkin, check). The food is just sloppily prepared and bland. A tip for diner owners - just because you own a greasy spoon doesn't mean that the food has to be crap - Moe proved that.

I really didn't want to go back for a second visit, but my wife convinced me to be fair and open minded. Fool me twice, shame on me.

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

But in brighter news... the Taco Bus is now open 7am till 9pm, 7 days a week.