Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jim Kwid...candidate for OSHNA Trustee

Hello, my name is Jim Kwid and I am running for a Trustee position on the Executive Board of the Old Seminole Heights Neighborhood Association. While this is my first attempt to be elected to the OSHNA Board, I have been a homeowner in Old Seminole Heights for over 14 years. I love this neighborhood a great deal and if elected, I will do all in my power to make sure it remains the friendly, helpful and neighborly community it was when I moved here.

Over the past 14 years, I have been very active on various OSHNA activities and committees. I had the honor of being allowed to participate in the 2004 Home Tour. I was very proud to show my 1927 Bungalow to so many wonderful people and let them see one of the charming homes and the wonderful way of life here in Seminole Heights. I have also been involved in the Historic renovation of two commercial buildings in West Tampa over the last 20 years.

I recently volunteered and was appointed to work as Chairperson for Code Enforcement here in Old Seminole Heights. While it is a monumental task and very time consuming, it has allowed me to see some of the nagging problems we face as residents in this wonderful community. I have enjoyed working along side the City of Tampa’s Code Enforcement Director and the Code Inspectors for our area. They have told me they appreciate my help and are very impressed with how OSHNA handles the very intense problems of code violations. We have a lot of work we need to continue to do, but good, reasonable code enforcement is making our neighborhood a better place to live!

Also, I am very proud to be involved with the fine group of people in this community who put in countless hours on the annual Library Book Sale. The book sale is a wonderful OSHNA activity and provides all of us the opportunity to raise money for such worthy causes year after year. Another long hour, heavy lifting and “frantic” sales day event, the opportunity to make our Seminole Heights Library the fantastic Library that it is, and it shows what volunteering time in this community can do! I am happy to be associated with this fine OSHNA event!

I am running for the OSHNA Board because recently, there seems to be a non connection, a misunderstanding, as to who is responsible for what happens in “Our Neighborhood”. I need to show every one of our great neighbors that it isn’t what I as a neighbor wants…It isn’t what the OSHNA Board as a whole wants… and it isn’t what a group, small or large, of neighbors want……it is what the majority of OSHNA homeowners want that should be considered! I promise to uphold that standard and I would appreciate your vote for Trustee of The OSHNA Executive Board.

Thank you for your vote!

Jim Kwid

The above was posted on behalf of the candidate running for the OSHNA board elections. The comment section has been disabled. The content except for a few grammatical changes is as provided by Mr. Kwid.