Monday, September 22, 2008

Gail E. Davis...candidate for OSHNA Secretary

Greetings Old Seminole Heights neighbors, allow me to introduce myself to you. I am Gail Davis and I am running for the position of Secretary of board of our association. This is the first time in my life I have ever attempted to run for any kind of office although I have been a long time resident of Seminole Heights. My husband and I moved to Seminole Heights 23 years ago and love living here in our 1923 bungalow where we also started a business here. Being a resident here during these many years, I have witnessed first hand many changes in the area seeing how Seminole Heights has grown to be the friendly, diverse, important community it has become. I became one of the first members of OSHNA 20 years ago when the association was just forming with a small group of concerned residents who wanted to join together to try and make a difference so our area of Tampa would be a more positive, safer, place to live. I am very proud to see how far our small band of original neighbors has grown and what our organization has become.
I have worked for the same family owned business in Tampa as a Purchasing Agent for the past 34 years. I deal extensively with vendors throughout the U.S. on a daily basis possessing people and office skills that will surely be a benefit as your Secretary. I am a very dedicated employee who started as a youngster out of high school and worked my way to being a highly regarded professional within my company helping to make it the success that it has become over the past 87 years it has been in existence.
As a general member of OSHNA, I attended the general membership meetings and kept abreast of the progress and changes however I recently decided to be more active than I ever have in aspiring to be on our association's executive board. It is my belief that our neighborhood could benefit further with a change. A change where a voice will be at the board table who will represent EVERY homeowner in Seminole Heights regardless if that homeowner is a standing member or not, we all live here and deserve to be heard. The direction of OUR association must consider our ENTIRE neighborhood and their concerns with the decisions and direction it takes which has been lacking of late. I want our association to come back to where it once was 20 years ago connecting with everyone in our neighborhood as well as being transparent and open with all the board’s business which effects everyone’s lives and how they live in this great neighborhood of ours.
I believe I can make that difference and I have the experience and compassion to help make our association even better than it already is by considering all parties and all people who live here.

As your Secretary, I will listen to everyone and work with everyone because the board should always represent the homeowners as a whole and never forget that. If elected, I promise that my voice will represent what the majority of homeowners want to see in their neighborhood association and what their association can do for you.

If you agree, I would appreciate your vote to become the next new board member as your Secretary.
Gail Davis

The above was posted on behalf of the candidate running for the OSHNA board elections. The comment section has been disabled. The content except for a few grammatical changes is as provided by Ms. Davis.