Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bungalow Bistro Offers OSHNA Forum

The owners of Bungalow Bistro have very graciously offered to host a candidate forum for the upcoming Old Seminole Heights (OSHNA) board elections. The following letter was sent only to the current board since the Graham's did not have e-mail contact for all of the candidates and has since been circulated to all of the candidates. The date and time have not been determined.

My understanding is that there would be an effort to have a moderator not connected to OSHNA to maintain neutrality.

Personally, I think it is great that a business owner is taking such positive interest in the residential community. It looks like a win-win both for their business and our neighborhood. The Graham's had moved from the neighborhood but still own and operate two businesses in Seminole Heights. Both are attractive additions to our commercial district.

Thank you Elizabeth and Michael for your continued interest in residential areas of our community.


SH@ME said...

This is rich. Does Elizabeth need something else from the neighborhood assoc? Perhaps another license or variance for her businesses?

Hamter said...

What a rude comment. A Seminole Heights business owner is allowing all of the association's members an opportunity to make a more informed voting decision with this offer and somehow there will always be someone to turn it into some disingenuous motive.
Sounds like you are narcissistic and have a personal problem with the owner.

Jukasy said...

Hampter, are you kidding?

Actually this only adds to the elitist attitude of some of the members of OSHNA. Is it only important to expose the candidates to those who can afford the price of the meal? Please explain how this is an opportunity for "all of the associations members". A small place with a fee to be there is not exactly "Open"

What a crock!

RLF said...

Actually, Elizabeth in an email addressing this issue made it clear that the meal was not a requirement. Bungalow Bistro is closed on Mondays so any offering of food would mean she and her husband would have to plan for staffing needs.

Those who want to duck answering questions want to attack this as some form of fee. It is not required of any of the candidates or neighbors to attend. No one will be competing with regular business hours.

The groundless attacks are shameless. But then that is what Shawn Hick's did the minute the invite came out. Leading the accusations and the charge. Yeah that sends an inviting message to neighborhood businesses and he wants to be on the board???

SH@ME said...

This place is too small. Will there be a P.A. system?

I fear it will be too crammed and hard to hear the speakers.

Couldn't this take place in a larger hall or auditorium?

RLF said...

come on shawn. You were opposed from the start. Your -email talked about how to stall the idea.

Elizabeth is going forward. Like you said---what choice do you have.

See you there.