Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Curtis Drugs

"I went to Curtis Drugs Friday morning to pick up a prescription refill. For those of you that don't know, they accept the same insurance as CVS and Walgreens and supply you with the medication you already take. What a surprising visit. They are now stocking household products for $1.00. $1.00!!. I bought a 33 ounce bottle of Fabric Freshener (like Fabreze) for $1.00. A 27 oz. bottle of Fabreze sells at the grocery store for $5.29. They also have paper towels, bath tissue, hand soap, etc. The only other thing I thought about was garbage bags. When I mentioned this to Duane he immediately wrote it down for order. We have lost Tampa Hardware to fire, Rose's Drugs closed, Waley's Market closed years ago and now the Tampa Antiquarian Book store is moving out in December. We can't afford to lose any other business' in our neighborhood. I don't know about anyone else, but with the gas prices being what they are and the price increase for other necessaries, I'll be shopping at Curtis Drugs more often. Take a minute to stop in and see what they carry. If they don't have it I'm sure Duane will order it.Curtis Drugs is located on the southeast corner of Curtis and Nebraska Av. 4625 N. Nebraska Av. , in Southeast Seminole Heights. Give them a call and find out how simple it is to transfer your prescription to Curtis Drugs, you won't be sorry".

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