Friday, August 08, 2008

Vote for Seminole Heights

From Rich on the SESH email list:

Dear Seminole Heights Neighbors,

Just wanted to remind you about the Creative Loafing Best of the Bay Voting. Below is a link:

posting.tampa. creativeloafing. com/gbase/ BestOf/BestOf

You have a limited time to vote by August 13th , so please do not delay.

Here are some of my suggestions:

1. Best Local TV Newsperson: Brendan McLaughlin – Let’s not forget that he has done so much in promoting our neighborhood and getting our voices heard. Besides, he is the best.

2. Best Theatre Troupe: Stageworks – Stageworks is not only a wonderful theatre troupe, they also do community outreach programs for underprivileged teens and children. Season tickets on sale now for $103 for 5 shows…call me for tickets.

3. Best Kept Secret: Stageworks Rainbow Tribe Outreach Program for Kids at Risk

4. Best Local Politician: Rose Ferlita – Let’s not forget how she got us a 4-Way stop at Chelsea and 12th when no one else would and how the current administration (no names mentioned, of course) never even so much as responded to the countless online requests we made to the city council for a 4-Way at 12th and McBerry (Don’t get me started…)

5. Best Restaurant: We have so many great neighborhood restaurants, just make sure it’s one of ours!

6. Best Neighborhood: Hmmm, let me think…maybe “SEMINOLE HEIGHTS!”

7. Best Building: Hillsborough High School – it is beautiful!

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Anonymous said...

here are a few more. This will put lots to the neighborhood

Best Sandwich Shop/deli - MERINOS
BEST BAKERY - Mauricio Faedo's Bakery (Best Cuban Bread in town)
Best New Restaurant Bungalow Bistro
Best Bargin Restaurant - El Taconazo
Best Pizza - Cappy's
Best Burger - Bungalow Bistro or 3 Coins (Both Delicious)
Best Vintage Clothing Store - Sherry's Yesterdaze
Best Thrift - Sherry's Yesterdaze
Best Independent book store - Tampa Antiquarian
Best Local Columnists - Kathy Steele
Best Radio station - WMNF
Best local blog
Most Underrated thing about Tampa - Seminole Heights
Best-Kept Secret - Seminole Heights