Sunday, August 31, 2008

Drug Dealing and The Wire

In a prior post on Prostitution dolphin makes a good point about calling TPD about drug activity. Being part of Neighborhood Watch before, I listened to TPD officers tell us how the drug dealers operate, for example how they will keep their stash in a paper cup or paper bag in the weeds or gutter, rather than on their person. I did not get a full understanding of that until I watched the first season of The Wire. This show or The Corner should be required watching for NW members because it gives be very insights at to how the street level drug dealers operate.

Thankfully we have better police department than that on The Wire.

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dolphin said...

Thanks, SH, you are correct! and i wish you weren't moving. we DO have a better police force than on TV. They starting calling me for street info, after a while- my unemployment helped saved my property and my street. I applaud TPDs efforts and I let them know, it IS WORKING!! my block had those "kids" that got recruited by the big drug dealers, increased traffic, crackbaggies, and a drivethru business until i started calling. The gang has moved on but they are not gone. Seriously, it really helps to be aware. thank you, and call!!!