Monday, August 11, 2008

Save the Whaleys (for Seminole Heights)

The Official Unoffical Seminole Heights blog has a campaign for Whaleys to come to Seminole Heights, which New Heights Magazine fully supports:

In our search we realized that Whaley's has let go of their web domain ( We have purchased it to save it from competitors' clutches and will give it to them free when they reopen (anywhere), BUT will include a FREE website AND FREE advertising if they move their location to Seminole Heights.

We are still in search of a phone number for Todd Whaley, but have written him suggesting several locations in Seminole Heights, including Sem-Hi Center and the Van Gogh signs location currently up for sale. There is also a great "grocery store-looking" location across from Bali Bay that's for lease (although it's bigger than what they are probably looking for).

Please help spread the word to Whaleys that they'll have a lifelong partner with Seminole Heights residents and New Heights should they move into our neighborhood.

Whaleys can be contact at

I can be contacted at or 813-389-8116 for any questions.


Anonymous said...

Jay, it is so wonderful to see what New Heights Magazine and the Official Unofficial Blog has been doing for our neighborhood. I feel that both have taken a fresh approach to get dialogue and enthusiasm flowing again. Each month I look forward to reading the new issue (This month I jumped the gun and read online) and every single day at least three times per day, check These are both very valuable services to Seminole Heights. Keep up the excellent work.

Jay McGee said...

Thank you. It isn't always easy, and I've "invested" (i.e., lost) a lot of money so far, but I've always felt that Seminole Heights takes care of those who take care of it. Your words are inspiring and motivational. Thanks for your kind support.

Jay McGee said...

Todd Whaley's personal reply to my offer: "This is my e-mail ( and I am touched by the response from Seminole Heights. You can give me a call on my cell in the morning. (**not sharing # for Todd's privacy)
Thanks, Todd Whaley

Anonymous said...

The location across from Bali Bay is the location of the old Whaley's for those who are too new to remember.

Tony said...

Would be GREAT to have them in OSH, but they'd have to cut their prices at least 20% across the board.

I'd be happy with an OSH location for Vintage Wine Cellars. Come on, Jimmy, you're one of us!

Anonymous said...

Great produce and great wine...OMG, bring it all on!!

Anonymous said...

They used to have a market here years ago on Florida.It went out of business but I don`t know why