Saturday, August 30, 2008

A correction

In my July posting on the Hampton Terrace debate, I took issue with the the Creative Loafing article about the HTPRO spokespeople residing in the neighborhood (see the link).

This morning at Starbucks Gail confront me and challenged my assertions and challenged me to make a retraction. I will gladly accept that challenge, if what I post is shown to be inaccurate I have no problem retracting anything. So I again went looking in regard to the property owned by Gail Davis.

For whatever reason the property appraiser's site does not pull it up under her name but when I search Mohawk I did find the homestead under her and her husband's name.

Gail consider this my retraction.


Little dog said...

WOW....imagine that someone from the HTPRO group being confrontational!! Who would have ever thought they would be still holding a grudge from a post that most people don't even remember or have moved on's so sad...and time to move on Gail.

RLF said...

In fairness to Gail. This is the first time that I recall meeting her. Confronting is also not the same as confrontational.

If there is ever going to be a local historic district in Hampton Terrace it will take compromise and a sincere effort to find common ground.

I am not seeing that. Considering that HTPRO folks have their concerns it is to be expected that they will be a whole lot more defensive. But really it doesn't help move things forward when someone who has a stake it the outcome wants to set himself up as an impartial mediator either.

I believe in a local district as being in the best interest of Hampton Terrace and the larger area. The question is where is the common ground?

Little dog said...

through discussion.....that's what HTPRO doesn't seem to want or understand. it is a give and take process for the greater good of the neighborhood.

We don't all have to agree but it would be nice to get along.....