Friday, December 07, 2007

Yummmmm. Bread.

My first Seminole Heights home was located behind this place on Crest. The smell of fresh baked bread filled the air on a daily basis ... it was one of those little moments that helped make the day a good one.

Seminole Heights, Florida - The smells and sounds of pounding, kneading, and working dough, filters out from this bakery on Florida Avenue.

"You stop the bread keeps going you can't tell the yeast to stop growing," says Luis Valdez who has been working at Mauricio's Faedo's Bakery for 17 years.

He and a crew work the late nights, kneading out a batch of Cuban rolls with the precision of a pit crew. In a six-hour shift, the team will bake 5,000 loaves of Cuban bread, garlic rolls and other bread. In a day, the shop will produce an average of 5,000.

"It's 24 hours, it starts in the morning and goes all the way into the night, everybody gets bread all through the daytime, different sandwich shops," says Mauricio Faedo who has owned and operated the bakery for twenty four years.

To taste the bread hot from the oven you will have to make the trip yourself.

Maricio's Faedo's is located at 5150 N Florida. Opened 24 hours every day, except Saturday 12 p.m. to Sunday 3 a.m.

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Michelle said...

I hate to admit to this, but, I have never been to Mauricio's until this past Sunday. I have since gone back THREE times.