Wednesday, December 12, 2007


From Jeff Houck of The Tampa Tribune:

I keep hearing good things from readers and friends about Bungalow Bistro in Seminole Heights. The restaurant, at 5137 N. Florida Ave., serves lunch and dinner in a restored building with outdoor balcony seating. The original structure was a garage apartment that was saved from demolition and moved to Florida Avenue before Hillsborough Avenue was widened in 2000.

The menu features seasonal gourmet items such as the Bungalow Bistro Salad, panini sandwiches and desserts. For information, call (813) 237-2000 or go to


daniel said...

the correct url is:

nataS said...

I'd had a couple of bad experiences at the Bistro (I believe I'd documented them on this blog somewhere) but decided to check it out one last time last night. I was very pleasantly surprised. Had a great meal complimented by good service considering the size of the staff. I was really happy to be having such a great meal so close to home in the 'hood. Some of the prices seems a bit "uptown" but, I'll gladly pay for the convenience. I am glad that I finally got to really experience the place and enjoy the food and I will be returning often and spreading the word.

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

The food they serve is fresh and where possible entirely baked/made in-house. This is more expensive to do but tastes better than the SysCo stuff many restaurants sell.

And, well, as far as Seminole Heights goes, the Bistro is as "uptown" as we get. ;-)