Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Strays Love Me

I have a quality about me that is magnetic to strays. I have a house full of them. In fact, I'm at critical mass in the taking in stray animals department. But the strays don't know that. 
The stray du jour is Akasha. She's taken up residence on my porch and has clearly been somebody's indoor cat, as I have to fight with her to keep her from running into my house, despite 3 other cats and 2 
large dogs waiting at the door for her. She's also quite vocal about her opinions and wants and is
a charmer.
I just don't have the where with all to take on a 6th animal at this point. If anyone can help this little girl out, please let me know.


Beth said...

That sure looks like Patches. I had to leave her behind when I left Florida. Hopefully she finds a new home with someone who will love her. She is a very sweet and affectionate cat. If that's her, she's about two years old, and spayed.

justme said...

What kind of person moves away and just leaves their pets behind like a bag of trash left on the curb for the garbage man to pick up? How about finding a good home for your pet if you can't take it with you? Thought didn't occur to you? Hmm, while in the midst of making moving /relocation arrangements, was this loving and affectionate feline you considered a pet just NOT considered?

Can you imagine how this poor cat must feel? All of a sudden, their family is GONE. You've domesticated this animal, which means it has come to depend on YOU for food, shelter, love, companionship and trust. This pet gives you unconditional love, and what do you do? You betray her that trust.

Shame on you. I have met so many neighbors, like MalCarne, who generously take in the abandoned pets folks like you discard without so much as a second thought, and give them the good home they deserve. But like Mal, we are all becoming "the crazy cat lady" or the like, and cannot possibly take any more animals in.

So, so sad. I sincerely hope you do NOT get anymore pets wherever you've moved to. I fear for where they may eventually end up.

I'd love to take her, but unfortunaely, I already have six cats and 2 dogs that have suffered the same fate as "patches", by people just as unkind.

Michelle said...

Beth, can you email me so that I may email you more pics? It would really help to know (if this is your former kitty) what shots, etc and if she is indeed been spayed. My email is
This will greatly help us find her a good home.