Monday, June 16, 2008

Yup.. another lost dog

Wish that I had time to post something more relevant, and truly wish that there wasn't a need to post lost dog pictures.

My neighbor found this husky this morning. No tags, but a piece of masking tape has the last four digits of a phone number, and "Idlewild" written on it. Dog was found near Hanna and Highland.


joe positive said...

too bad; the dog is beautiful.

Not saying this is the case here, but if people would stop letting their dogs roam loose, there would be fewer lost dogs.

Darlene said...

I've seen this dog but I can't remember where. I live near Idlewild and 17th. Have you tried figuring out the number? Most numbers begin around here with 238, 237, 234, I will ask around.

There are kids that see a dog on a chain and if the dog seems friendly, will let it off. I'm just sayin. Poor thing. He is beautiful!

Terri said...

try the older Spanish gentleman that helps out at the Kwik Stop on Florida and Hanna. i saw him walking a dog very similar to this on Sunday.

Mal Carne said...

The dog did find it's way home to Idlewild.

Terri, that was actually the neighbor who found the dog. Thanks, though.

Terri said...

Glad to hear it!