Monday, June 23, 2008

Trolley on Nebraska

From the SESH email list:

"I just rode the Tampa Trolley from Ybor to Channelside this weekend. It was fun, but it seems to me that if service was expanded to run up Nebraska into the Seminole Heights area it would attract a lot more riders since people could get into Ybor w/out having to drive/park. Going from Ybor to Channelside is a little pointless if you have to drive to Ybor to begin with! I know they have had a hard time financially, but maybe expanding the service to be more useful would help.

It is kind of like trying to find a way to ride a bus to work. When it takes an hour and a half to get to work by bus, but only 15 mins. by car, there is not a practical way to make that work. Maybe expanding the bus service, rather than cutting it, would make it more useful to more people. "

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Chrissie said...

The trolly use to run up Central Ave. & through Sulpher Springs. If memory served it went out to Temple Terrace as well. I think it's a wonderful idea, but doubt it has any chance of happening.