Saturday, June 07, 2008

Organic Produce

From the SE Sem Hgts Email group sent out by Rebecca Gross-Tieder:

Have I got some fabulous news for you! In my quest for abundant, organic, locally grown produce I have stumbled upon the greatest community treasure I did not know existed.

The Lancaster farm is in Lithia, near Valrico. You can join the farm for $20.00. All fruit and vegetables are locally, hydroponically and organically grown. You can sign up for a large basket (veg, fruit/veg or all fruit) to be delivered weekly, bi-weekly or as requested. Delivered. Can you believe it? The basket is $28.00 and it is less if you agree to a service plan. I am looking into getting my delights delivered as soon as possible and do not know if Seminole Heights is on their rotation. South Tampa is but I will know for sure shortly. If we are not then only five homes have to sign up to get delivery service.

Here is the link- http://www.lancaste index.html

I hope you all are as excited about this as I am. I visited the country store yesterday and got some AMAZING produce for next to nothing. It was as affordable as the Hillsborough market but all organic. Plus they take credit cards- even AmEx! Please let them know I sent you so they can see Seminole Heights is an area to serve!

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Teresa said...

We get a beautiful weekly basket from Lancaster each week- we love it! This farm is ran by a wonderful, caring family. The produce is always in good condition. We never know what special veggie treats will await us next week! If you sign up for this service you will be glad you did!