Monday, October 22, 2007

SC Tavern

Interestingly, I noticed S.H.'s old Spinnaker Lounge at 6416 N. Florida Ave. (I can't remember the name of the two places it's been since), has gotten a name change and an exterior face lift.

Dubbed "SC Tavern," it now looks very nice and almost inviting, despite the lack of windows. The place does still has a package store in front of it.

Has anyone heard and/or ventured into this place, which was once a Tampa landmark and that has (until recently) been rumored as a possible purchase for a Beef O'Brady's???


Tony said...

After Spinnaker, it became The Liar's Club. That was a great place for stiff long as one vacated before the music started! Then it became Recuerdos. Not sure what the English translation is, but I never went there. I think it was only open on the weekends.

What Seminole Heights really needs in that spot is a real, live blues club. Maybe some jazz days, too. It would be a dream come true!

Tommy Cane said...

I walked in there one time to buy some drinks on short notice. The lounge was closed and the guy working the package store didn't speak English. In the end I couldn't buy what I needed because he couldn't work the credit card machine.

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Beefs was casually looking at it. However, it sold soon after to someone else at a price point that makes it unattractive to them. I don't think Beefs will pick that place up.

Torgo said...

So I guess no one has been since it turned into SCs?

I drove by it Saturday night. It was still a little early, and the parking lot was empty, but I saw a doorman dressed in a suit manning the entrance.

Hmmmmm. Makes me wonder: "Is this a classy place now?"

Tony said...

yeah, they're serving PBR in champaign flutes!

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

The first thing I think of when a place looks faux classy is "adult entertainment."

It might be worth going in and checking out. A nice pub to hang out in would be great for the neighborhood, so worth the effort of investigating.

Tony said...

Shawn, now you've got me wondering what the "SC" stands for.
"Strip Club"?
"Swank Club"?
"Skank Club?"
"Sassy & Classy"?
"Sloppy & Cruddy"?
"Second Chance"?
"Super Coochie"?
"Spank Club"
"Santa Claus"?

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Oh, I vote for "Super Coochie". That's funny.

Tony said...

After much thought, I'm hoping that the name is an homage to the Liar's club....which would translate SC into "Stiff Cocktail"

ow ow ow!

Mal Carne said...

I finally had a chance to stop there this week. It's not much different from Recuerdo's, it's now a Colombian upscale dance club vs. a Brazilian upscale dance club.
The club part is only open on the weekends.
Oh yeah, SC stands for "San Carlos", although it's not as much fun as some of the other possibilities.