Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Copa Cabana, bye-bye. Sweet Spot, hello.

Maybe the music and passion were always in fashion at the Copa Cabana Cafe, but perhaps the food and service weren't. That's likely the reason that the last remaining location (of two) at Osborne and Florida Aves has finally closed.

In it's place, and now open, is The Sweet Spot cafe. I only quickly drove by it, but it appeared that the multitude of national flags inside were gone and the table decor had changed slightly.

I think I also read on their logo'd sign something like "home cooking" or the sort. Like I said, it was a quick glance.

Has anyone heard news or tried the fare at the newest version of Rigos, Ms. Vivian's Whistlestop, Coffee Bean and Copa Cabana Cafe?

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Torgo said...

Drove by it again. Their sign reads "Home Cooking with an Argentenian Flair."