Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Bungalow Bistro Open for Business

Hi Neighbors,

After years of work, we are thrilled to invite you to the opening of Bungalow Bistro. Bungalow Bistro, located at 5137 N. Florida Ave. two blocks south of Hillsborough Avenue, will serve breakfast and lunch between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. this week, Tuesday through Saturday. We will begin serving dinners soon. I will post an update on the dates and times.

Our menu includes warm pastries, daily quiches, gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads and soups as well as homemade desserts. There is seating for up to 75 people. The bistro also has upstairs dining, perfect for hosting a private party. While we have hired a head chef, this is very much a family affair. My mother is a pastry chef and came up with our signature desserts.

As many of you know, my husband Michael and I have been lovingly restoring the building ourselves for several years. The original structure was a garage apartment that was saved from demolition when Hillsborough Avenue was widened in 2000. We moved the garage building and the main house to Florida Ave and first opened Forever Beautiful Salon and Day Spa in the main home next to Bungalow Bistro. Forever Beautiful has served as a neighborhood salon since 2002. We have focused our attention on preserving every historical detail.

To place an order call 813-237-2000 or log on soon to our coming website Thank you for supporting our neighborhood business. We look forward to being a favorite gathering place for our friends and neighbors.

Elizabeth Graham


Torgo said...

Congrats to you and your family on this great venture, Elizabeth. I hope to see you this Saturday morning for breakfast -- and I am certainly, 100%, whole-heartedly looking forward to many upcoming dinners and desserts as well!

Michelle said...

Check out my review of the Bungalow Bistro.

Good Stuff!

Alan Snel said...

Hi Elizabeth:

Best of luck to you and I'll try and eat there as much as I can.


Rick F. said...

The place looked wonderful today. I look forward to trying the dinner menu when the hours expand.

Jennifer said...

Congrats again, Elizabeth. Thanks for making us feel so welcome Saturday morning. Can't wait to come back for more blueberry scones. ;)

Laura said...

Congrats Elizabeth!! The wait staff is outstanding.. friendly and fast. The food is terrific (Everyone must try their salads!!) I've recommended 5 of my friends and all have raved. I'll definately be back again and again.

Rob said...

I was wondering if anyone has tried the dinner here. If so what did you have and was it worth the cost?

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Dinner ran around $12 per plate, and with beverage and dessert we spent around $40 for two.

The food is good. I recommend NOT skipping dessert. Elizabeth's mother makes the desserts and they are great.

Rob said...

I went to the Bungalow Bistro last night. My reccomendation ...dont go on friday! I would go any other night of the week but friday is too hectic. The service was horrible and our server was a pompious brit who was more phony than the concierge at a fancy hotel. The menu was a little boring and somewhat hard to decifer. I went for the stuffed loin of pork and my wife had the salmon in parchment. The food was wonderful! The flavors were so subtle and the sauces were out of this world. They were priced well too. If all the dishes are this good they have a bright future there. All in all I would go again but never on a friday night.

Karan said...

Very pricey for really bad food. We will not be going back!! The meal starts with what looks to be pilsbury dough rolls, followed by soup that tasted like campbells chicken and rice. Then the pasta came out overcooked and stuck together and the dessert was a deflated waffle with apples on top...not good. Then if it wasn't bad enought that we spent over $40 dollars on food we could have made better at home, they charged us $5 to uncork the wine we brought in. And I won't even get into the service...equally as bad.

I would, however, recommend Front Porch and for a more casual night out Cappys is the best :-)