Friday, September 28, 2007

Update on found pitbull

Well, the owner called and has missed two appointments to pick her up. At this point the mission has turned from finding her owner to finding her a home. Doga is a really sweet little girl, has had her shots, and is spayed (according to the owner).
If you, or anyone you know can provide a good home to her, please call 813-500-3205.

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Marissa said...

check these out - it's a start...

1. Rescue Group: Rescuing Unwanted Friendly Fidos

Phone: (352) 540-9955


Brooksville , FL

2.Southern Born Rescue - Tampa Chapter


3.Hernando's American Pit Bull Terrier Rescue And Referal


4.Rescue Group: Lost Angels Animal Rescue, Inc.

Phone: (813) 514-0595


5.Second Chance Rescue
Daytona Beach Shores, FL

Phone: 386-527-3763

if you dont have any luck with these, lookup this url and search for pits in tampa and click on several of them. the rescue info is linked to the dogs up for adoption.