Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Super Exemption update

Two days ago a judge struck the Amendment from the January 29th ballot. Since the legislature has a special session beginning on Oct. 2nd. That gives them plenty of time to modify the proposed ballot initiative to meet the requirements of submitting it 90 days before the election. The initiative would grant homestead exemption on 75% of the first $200,000 in assessed value. That could be a huge benefit to most of our newer Seminole Heights neighbors. (it also exempts 15% of assessed values between 200k and 500k)

It would allow people who prefer their Save Our Homes status to retain that on their current property. It is a win-win for both our long time neighbors and new neighbors. It would also help those who want to down-size but feel trapped by the tax implications.

Hopefully, folks will call and write their state legislature members so this can be infront of voters when they vote in the January primary.

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