Friday, September 21, 2007

Another Biz Location Op


Property Description: This freestanding historical gem is almost 5,000 sf of Office/ Retail/ Apts and is most recently known as the RealMarc Properties headquarters. Boasting over 200' MLK frontage x 100' depth on the front commercial parcels (both zoned CI Commercial Intensive) w/ half of that being a vacant (leased) storage lot (additional parking, redevelopment &/or just as-is for leased parking and storage), the front of the structures 1,000 or so sf is professional offices occupied by the owners w/ the additional 2-story 4,000 sf of apartments (fully leased), which were actually used as (and can be again) small incubation offices (to grow new businesses years back), a front curb cut b/w the 2 front parcels, an alley for rear exit/ entry to Highland Ave, another additional paved rear parking lot (zoned RS-50) that fronts IDA St.
PS - I have no vested interest in this property, other than wanting someone (who cares about helping to revitalize the S.H. and T.H. communities) to take it over and do what's right for the residents.

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