Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Taconazo - The Taco Bus

One of my favorite restaurants, El Taconazo was in the news recently.

As mentioned in the St. Petersburg Times in an dining review article by Chris Sherman (Mexican food, fast and from scratch) on 4/14/05.
"I gave Chipotle Mexican Grill, the hip MexDonald's for the new millennium, a tough test. Some might say unfair.

I stopped into its first Tampa Bay location the morning after dinner at El Taconazo, better known as the beloved taco bus in Seminole Heights. It is, or was, a rolling taqueria until it came to a dead and lively stop in a crummy parking lot made into a punk art patio with outdoor lights, bamboo walls and paper streamers. El Taconazo serves classic tacos, burritos and tortas made by hand, real food at unreal prices of $1.50 a taco and $5.75 for a whole meal you can't finish.

A standard too high for fast-food chain Mexican and most new generation wrap traps, yes. But it is my standard, and thankfully it's met at tiendas and taquerias from Clearwater to Wimauma

He also put El Taconazo in his BEST MEXICAN FOOD EAST OF CLEARWATER category in an article on 1/13/05 about the best Tampa Bay restaurants

The taquerias of Tampa.
True tacos, gorditas and ceviche are best found north of downtown, heading up N Armenia Avenue and along Waters Avenue. Favorite stops are Mi Mexico, which starts cooking the good stuff before dawn, or the old schoolbus rechristened El Taconazo and parked where it can deliver authentic tacos to old Seminole Heights.

Sandra Thompson from the St. Pete Times mentioned El Taconazo in her article from 5/2/05 "How do you put a value on a great building?"

Our next stop was the taco bus on Hillsborough Avenue in Seminole Heights. Here is a different sort of re-invention, a school bus turned into a restaurant kitchen. You can eat inside in an actual building, but it's so much more fun to eat outside in view of the bus. The owners are from Mexico, and the name of the restaurant is El Taconazo, a word that was translated for us the first time we ate there as the sound a flamenco dancer's heel makes when it hits the floor. It has nothing to do with tacos.

El Taconazo can be found at 913 E. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, Fl 33604 (813) 232-5889
Open Wednesday-Sunday Closed Monday and Tuesday.

(Just remember this is real Mexican food not the Americanicanized version that we get at Taco Bell)


Anonymous said...

My friends and I go to the Taco Bus every week. We're lucky to have it in SH.

Mia said...

I know that the Taco Bus is a favorite of many, but I feel that Los Tucanes down the street is superior. My visit to Taconazo was marred by several roaches crawling around as I placed my order and pork tacos that were bland and more fat than meat. My dining companion, who has been to Mexico several times, turned me on to Los Tucanes and feels their food is better also. We have concluded that maybe we had a Twilight Zone experience at Taconazo since everyone else raves about it...

Anonymous said...

Ze taco bus es muy deliciosa! We eat there on Thursdays and watch Survivor. Delicious tacos with juicy limes and home made hot sauce can not be beat. Pulsating Mexican rythyms entertain you while you wait, and the ladies are the nicest around.

Anonymous said...

As far as the blogger who posted about roaches at the Taco Bus, that has NEVER been my experience. They are clean, friendly and a great bargain with great music. I love El Taconazo, and ALWAYS bring my friends and family there to eat.

The food critic said...

I have heard so much about the famous Taco Bus that I decided to stop in after work for some take out. The experience was interesting and unique! I took my place in line behind many people all ages and from different walks of life. I quickly learned that this little place is a favorite of many!

The place is clean and the service is fast and friendly. Several people in line discussed their experiences and recommendations as both rookies and veterans placed their orders.

It was finally my turn and WOW! The food and ingredients are fresh and are used in unique ways. No cheap ground hamburger here! The beef taco contains slowly cooked roast beef and was topped with everything - freshly chopped tomatoes, onions, a ton of freshly chopped cilantro, and freshly chopped cabbage! You can get the soft taco served on either flour or corn tortillas. I had corn tortillas and it was so good! Two sauces were served in generously portioned cups. Green salsa verde and red hot sauce. Both sauces were HOT HOT HOT and good! The chicken burrito is so huge that I could not finish it. It is also served with the same offerings.

El Taconazo is a new favorite of mine! I give this place a ten (10)! The food portions are huge and the prices are low!

Fresh ingredients offered here are not found at any other place that I have been to. I travel extensively for work all over the U.S. and Canada and have not had this quality from a fast food or even many restaurants! The owners work hard to make you full and happy!

Tampa is lucky that the Taco Bus stopped and put down roots here!

The new take out menu has the following hours - as of June 20, 2008

Monday - Saturday: 7:30 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Breakfast, lunch, and dinner


The location - east of the 275 overpass on East Hillsborough Avenue. If you are headed east, it is directly next to (after) Advanced Auto parts - maybe 3 or 4 blocks from the overpass. Well worth the trip!

Hamter said...

The Taco Bus really is the Best and we in S.H. are very fortunate they rooted here ! This household does take out at least once a week and have never been disappointed yet. Glad to hear you're hooked too, no surprise there !

Jennifer said...

Not only do we *love* the Taco Bus, we've had a great time introducing all of our non-neighborhood friends to it. Now they keep making special trips across town just for the Bus!

Anonymous said...

Shopping the cheap battery,you can see from here.

Denis A. Baldwin said...

I'm heading to the Taco Bus today. Looking forward to it.