Monday, August 13, 2007

Something New In Store For Hutto's Corner

This location is literally just across the MLK boundary of Seminole Heights southwest corner. The property sits on the southeast corner of Boulevard and MLK.

It's nice they are actually doing something with the property, but I question their clientele goals of a "hair salon, phone company ... and liquor store." Not exactly high aspirations. I understand that he needs to lease places out to be profitable; but I'm all for at least aiming a little higher than a "Beepers and Phones."

The owner of the new plaza owns the Citgo across the street from it (southwest corner of intersection).


luckytop said...

Hey, high aspirations or not, just about anything is an improvement. I was sick of looking at the old Hutto store and the shack that sat behind it. Hopefully the new plaza will not be a gathering place for undesireable characters; I hope the liquor store will not be one of those mom & pops that permits drinking out of brown bags in front of the store. A decent restaurant would sure be nice!

Vanessa said...

Great. Just what we need: a liqour store. Nice. Hutto's got nasty over the years, but I used to go there a LOT when I was growing up. It was more than a mini mart, but it got really unpleasant looking in its later years. I echo luckytop in saying that a mice restaurant would be nice. I lived in this neighborhood for 25 years and my parents are still here. My grandma (Kathryn Malone)lived on 13th St. and Frierson, so I have seen this neighborhood in many stages throughout the years. I can pretty confidently say that a liquor store of the kind I imagine they might put in would be a detriment. I hope I am wrong, but I envision the brown-bag, 8-Ball kind of clientele. Jeez- I hope not.

Vanessa said...

Ewwww. Did I write "mice restaurant?" I cannot type. I meant NICE!