Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Restaurant Hours May Curb "Oldest Profession"

With the advent of Three Coins (corner of Broad and Nebraska) going 24 hours there is most likely going to be an unplanned benefit to Seminole Heights. It seems that since we have the only 24 hour restaurant in central Tampa, it is fast becoming a late night spot for TPD officers for breaks when working the late nights. Good news for residents of the northern half of Seminole Heights. With added police traffic stopping in for their dinner breaks, those engaged in what has been termed the "oldest Profession" may just have no choice but to find new haunts. The "johns" and "tricks" may not feel too comfortable with the nearly constant presence of police cruisers on Nebraska Ave.

Another great reason to support and promote the success of this venture by the owner of Three Coins. He is definitely eager to be a good business neighbor and to get involved in the community. It is great to see this trend growing among neighborhood "brick and mortar" establishments.

It will be even better when the planned restaurant/sports bar starts to come out of the ground at North and Nebraska. A few more positive like this and those working the streets in that oldest of professions may become as rare on Nebraska as they now are on Kennedy Blvd.

So if you stop in Three just might want to thank Moe for making it a 24 hour establishment!


Tampa I Am said...

I drove up there to check out Three Coins and was very satisfied, worth the trip from South Tampa!

Torgo said...

What's the latest on "the planned restaurant/sports bar starts to come out of the ground at North and Nebraska?"

Vox Populi said...

I have to say this: I see plenty of empty spots on Kennedy still so why is it that this means 'the girls' will move on??

They just move them from place to place. Just like the homeless and the gangs. They use these people to further their development whims. Check out the real-estate training companies close by. Most of those girls work for them.
Hookers know a BUNCH of stuff; you should befriend one and she can tell you all about what really goes on in Tampa. LOL !!
I'd be curious about the sports bar, too. oooooh, just what we need in tampa. Another sports bar. Temple Terrace trying to get a PAC and us trying to get a sports bar. It's beautiful.
Anyway, all that aside --- tell us about it. Please

Tommy Cane said...

Vox, maybe the rest of Tampa doesn't need a sports bar but Seminole Heights does. There is nowhere in Seminole Heights I can go to watch sports and have a beer with my neighbors. I could leave the neighborhood but I prefer to support businesses here in Semiole Heights.

I don't think my wife would be cool with me befriending a hooker but if thats your thing... more power to you. I don't care for hookers and drug dealers working the streets in our neighborhood and I don't care where they go or how they get there. As long as they disappear.

Shawn-non-anonymous said...

Well, I haven't been seeing hookers except rarely in the last two years. I don't drive around Broad and Nebraska a lot, but down by Hillsborough and Nebraska the streets are mostly "clean". I'd avoid befriending one, myself, as many of the transvestite sort we used to get are violent, as I can attest to personally.

I welcome the sports bar. It would be great to have a restaraunt I can go to nearby and get decent (I hope) food at a decent price with the added benefit of a beer. Only place that comes close to filling that space in the area is the Front Porch and I've sworn off eating there. Too many bad experiences.

Torgo said...

I'd try FP again if I were you. The people have always been nice and the food has always tasted excellent, but I didn't go for a long time due to sloooooow service and hot meals served cold.

But, after a long hiatus, I gave it another shot. Food was served quick and at the right temperature.

I've tried it two times since, both with nothing but great things to say (except for maybe how low they pour a vodka martini -- to the exact once with an overpour price tag).

After sitting at the counter at Nickos and watching the staff lick their fingers, work the trash, then grab and butter my bread without washing (among many other unsanitary acts witnessed), FP is defintiely back as tops in my mind for the neighborhood.

That said, Nick, please clean up your place. Your fried chicken is the best ever, but neither my wife nor I can stomach the place anymore. Ugh ...

Michelle said...

We'll have to give the FP another shot too. Last I was there, I cut my heel on a rusted piece of the barstool. The new manager said, "oh, sorry?" An inside employee source said it was the new manager enforcing all drinks be made with jiggers, no free pour. Apparently, they belived employees were over pouring and costing the place money. How an overpour could cost them money with the price of their drinks is beyond me. Their a little to expensive for what they are doing and the quality behind it, but I speak too quickly. We should try again based on our neighbor Torgo's recommendation. We'll keep you posted.
As for Niko's, I've never noticed any unsanitary actions; however, when I go to Niko's it's because I have been out late the night before and am not completely functional. I know a handful of people who will not go back because of unsanitary actions, like termites in their food and the server not offering a new plate just shrugging her shoulders and saying "Whatcha gonna do?". They walked out, plates untouched and didn't pay the bill. I will say, my trip to 3 Coins yesterday was FANTASTIC! I will be back many, many times. Moe was so friendly as was his whole staff. I also got another awesome pizza from Stephanno's on Friday night.

KGMan said...

vox, i pity you're warped mind.

Vanessa said...

I went there for lunch today with my five-month-old son, and we had a great lunch! I was tentative, because I was sure his stroller would be in the way, and I thought about maybe trying to carry him in and just eating with him on my lap, but upon entry and my asking about space, I discovered that there was plenty of room for us! I would not advise a mad-stroller dash over there, but we were amply accommodated. Also, and most importantly, the waitstaff was very nice, the service was impeccable and the price couldn't be beat! They aren't at all stingy with drink refills either. I only wish I didn't live so darned far away now. It makes me so happy to see my old neighborhood looking so fine and loved. I always hoped this (renewal) would happen, and I knew a long time ago that Hyde Park had nothing on Seminole Heights' charm.

Vanessa said...

I have left too many comments, but I suppose one more won't hurt. Three Coins has live music on Fridays. There was a nice man playing samba music tonight. It was very nice. I go back to NY sunday, so I had to get my dose before I leave :(