Thursday, June 07, 2007

My Seminole Heights

The Seminole Heights Blog will be transitioning to different blog software (Wordpress) and a better looks. The name will be changing to My Seminole Heights and will be found at This the result of work by Tommy Duncan and the Sticks of Fire gang and is part of a new initiative by him.

As part of this transition I am looking for more writers. Anyone who is currently a writer for the seminoleheights.blogspot blog will invited to join the new blog. But I am also looking for additional writers. Whether you have an existing blog or not, you are welcome to apply. I am looking for people who have something to say about living or life in Seminole Heights. Events. Activities. Commentary. Photos. Stories. Tell us about your remodeling of your house. Issues you deal with in your daily life here. Cool things you see. The pleasures you find. Email me at if you are interested. Something I also hope to do down the road is to put some feeds from some of the other great blogs in the Seminole Heights neighborhood on the side bar, so those blogs will get better exposure and so the commentary is richer.

For a little bit I will crosspost until all the elements are complete in the new blog. At that point the old blog will remain in an archive form for reference.

Let me know if there are features you would like to see.


luckytop said...

Does anyone know what the plan is for the property located at MLK & N. Boulevard (formerly Hutto's)? I know that this is not technically SH, but since it has been such an eyesore for years, I think it is encouraging to see that the former Pat's barber shop on the site has been demolished. The location is a prime spot for a retail business of some sort.

alivinghominid said...

Hello - the link to the new URL is not working -- the address includes this blog URL before the new one so it just needs to be taken out to function site looks good though!