Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The dump is dumped

According to the Tribune, the park at the end of 22nd street, next to the Seminole Crest area of Old Seminole Heights, will no longer be a drop off site for waste

"In a debate between residents and city officials over the location of a dumpsite, the residents won"

""We are taking a step back and will search for a more viable location that will be viewed by the public as complementary and beneficial," solid waste Director David McCary wrote in a memo to city council. "Therefore the location at 22nd and Sligh has officially been ruled out and will not be reconsidered."

"Residents from several communities opposed the plan. They showed up at a city council meeting last week and told the board they didn't want the center in their neighborhood."

Good job guys. That old saw is wrong. You can fight City Hall and as usual Seminole Heights proved it.


Michelle said...

WooooHooooo!!!! I can't wait to tell Greg all of his hard work wasn't fur nuttin'!

Seminole said...

Way to go!! Now maybe we can work to make it a park.